Hi there, my name is Ashia Sabbath and I’m a 2014 graduate of Columbia College Chicago, with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Originally from the West Coast, I was born and raised in Upland, California.


Living in the Windy City (Chicago) during my collegiate years, opened my eyes to an unique art culture as well as diversity. Because of my intense passion for graphic arts; it is what I want to breathe and do for the rest of my life. My interests in my ideas are to make some of my pieces strong and to make my pieces stand out with boldness. I have such a strong desire and a passion for art that I want to share the love I have for art with others. Art is everywhere and it is what puts color into the world.


Columbia College Chicago contributed an abundance of my knowledge about the arts and taught me different techniques and genres along with life lessons that will be beneficial for me in my career as an artist.


My main focus is to continue creating professional work, network with other artists, as well as seek full-time, freelance, and part-time, career opportunities as a graphic designer.